About us

Family Mediation Hub launched in the Hawkesbury are to provide cost effective options for mediation in an attempt to settle family law disputes, especially where children are involved.


We offer mediations face to face as well as shuttle conferences if you prefer not to come into contact with the other party.


Our centres provide specialist family dispute resolution services by practitioners that are accredited by the Attorney General’s Department and are therefore able to issue a S60i certificate in family law matters where deemed appropriate.


We offer two specialist services being:

1. Children’s Family Dispute Resolution


This is a discounted mediation service for a flat fee of $880.00 including GST for up to three hours mediation.  This service is to focus on children’s matters only with the parties present with the mediator, and without lawyers. If you wish to have your lawyer attend with you or also discuss matters relating to property, then our second service will be more appropriate for you.

2. Children’s and/or Property Family Dispute Resolution


If parties wish to utilise a lawyer and/or include property, then we offer a second tier of mediation being lawyer assisted and property mediation services.  These services focus on resolution of children and property matters and can include your legal practitioners if you choose to do so.  We offer these services for a flat fee of $1,650.00 including GST for up to three hours of mediation with your lawyers’ present.

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