Handling Complaints




  1. These rules set out the procedure for complaints in relation to the conduct of Family Mediation Hub and/or its contractor mediators.
  2. The purpose of these rules is to provide assistance for the efficient handling of complaints made against any of the accredited mediators with our service including any family dispute practitioner and the administrative staff.
  3. All accredited mediators under the Family Mediation Hub are guided by their practice standards established and in particular the practice standards set out by the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators.



In the event of a complaint in relation to firstly the conduct of a Mediator of Family Mediation Hub, an email should be sent to the email address of the owner and director at info@familymediationhub.com.au.  It is requested the complaint be made in writing to conform with the Rules and it will be responded to within 48 hours.

After receipt of the written complaint, the owner/director will provide a response acknowledging receipt of the complaint and will conduct an investigation within 7 days including gathering more information if required.

The owner/director of Family Mediation Hub will then respond to the complainant to provide feedback in relation to the complaint within 28 days of receipt of the complaint and/or further information if requested.

If the owner/director determines that there has been a breach of relevant standards, then they can make a referral to a professional body in the case of a mediator to their accredited body and in the case of a family dispute resolution practitioner, to the Attorney General’s Department as set out in the relevant fact sheets.  In the case of a mediator who is also a legal practitioner, if necessary, it can be recommended for a complaint to be made to the Legal Services Commissioner.


It is noted where necessary, the owner/director may confer and have another person requested to help with the investigation of the complaint, particularly where any conflict potentially arises or there are serious allegations made in the conduct of their investigation.

The outcome of any confidential record of the complaint made and the investigation and the outcome will be maintained and held on file for a period of 7 years.